In two days, it will mark my first year of being in the corporate world as a Social Media guy for a national retail company.

How did it happen? Tl;dr: Last year, I got depressed because of various events that led to my then-current position, followed my then-current employer’s advice, and went on full blast at a job fair. Excluding this, I had four jobs that I applied to, got accepted to, and made their own offers. I actually wonder until now, why on Earth did I chose this company?

Back then, I thought the challenge was really easy since I already have a content marketing experience. Turns out, it was not. Hurdles came one by one, as the challenge to increase fans and ROI in a rather unpopular part of the retail market grows. The company itself didn’t ring a bell to me until I got on board at the workplace.

Then came the great ideas. Some were dissolved, some were tried out and yielded good results, and some aren’t even worth mentioning because they lack the visibility to stay alive. I’d say luck got the most out of me, but our online promotions and social media content are some of the best in the industry today, to the point that everyone else follows.

Truth to be told, I wasn’t even sure if I would make it in the big leagues. If you were to ask the Carl in 2015, he would be pretty content staying at home and writing stuff for 1/2 of what he currently earns today. It was his passion, dedication, and commitment to the craft that kept him staying despite all the drama and negative press surrounding him back then.

Everyone would say in the office that I do a great job, but I refuse to believe so, because I know there are a lot of things that I still need to learn to be able to say that I’m on top of my league.

So yeah, Happy Anniversary on the job. I’m scrambling to work on two new projects launching by the first of July and I hope I’d still be alive by then.

Of course I will. Bring it on.