I’m backreading all the chain posts I’ve been tagged with and I decided to do some of them. Here’s the first one, tagged by a friend in instagram. Too lazy to open the app so I thought it’s best to do it here.

  1. Nung bata ako, I was very hyperactive. Ngayon wala na, di nako ganun so ganito nako hahaha
  2. Waspart of my Grade School’s first Special/Advanced English Course during Gr.4-6
  3. In my last year of HS, the school waived my tuition fees in exchange for my services. I was one of the first student assistants in my alma mater.
  4. Art wasn’t my first choice: I wanted to take up IT or Commerce when I applied to top universities. I passed my UPCAT, but failed to enter because of quota restrictions.
  5. After high school, I worked part-time at my Alma Mater as an office aide. That’s where my passion for design flourished, and decided to take up the Graphic Design course at ciitphilippines.
  6. I’m a huge fan of East Asian culture, particularly the music. There’s something in them that makes me want to listen more.
  7. Currently, I’m a fan of Japanese idol group Morning Musume, and a ton of other idols and Japanese artists.
  8. I’m finally gradauting Spring 2015! Yay!
  9. and I’m currently an intern for top tech website Yugatech. Fingers crossed
  10. I’m active in a ton of college organizations: I established my school’s media organization, and an active member of the college’s Student Council.
  11. I only started drinking alcoholic drinks when I actually turned 18. I’ve had one bottle of San Miguel beer at age four, but that doesn’t count. lol
  12. I watch Eurovision every year since 2011. It’s the only show which I highly commend because of the aesthetics, stage and production values. It’s really grand when compared to local shows, which is very disappointing at the very least.
  13. I have x-degree relatives back in Spain, all of which I’ve never met 🙁 it’s hard to trace back ancestry without parents’ help lol
  14. I love to eat.
  15. and shop.
  16. and see all the tech stuff at the mall during pastime.
  17. Consistent A student. Almost. lol.
  18. Out of 100 respondents, 70% ang nagsasabing cute daw ako.
  19. Not that athletic. I random play anything, Mostly PC games lang.
  20. Lastly, I’m awesome. lol