The world is often a constant place for open communication. When I found sublevel a few weeks back, I thought I would never like the openness of the product. I was wrong.

If I were to describe sublevel, I would say that it’d be the twitter that never was. Conversations and discussions between users are very engaging and unrestrictive. I’ve been lurking and toying around with sublevel for awhile now, and I can actually say that the discussions here are keeping me hooked to the site. It’s fun to read opinions and commentaries that you wouldn’t normally see in 140 characters.

It may not support images and videos, but it’s been proven that these strategies drive more discussions rather than image trolls. I seriously hope that sublevel will grow over time, and see a very active community.

I’m on sublevel! Register and discuss with me tech stuff and everything under the sun by registering and following me (@carl) 🙂

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