2014: A Year of Firsts

This year is almost over, and I look back at the year that gave me the toughest months and the biggest firsts of my life.

The Firsts

First time to travel domestically without family – With my thesis, I was able to travel from Pampanga to Laguna in a span of two months. It was fun to discover that our country has so much things to offer. With my job too, I was able to go to more places I couldn’t have imagined.

First DSLR camera – A Canon EOS 1200D. Entry-level it may be, but this helped me sail through my thesis class with flying colors.

First job off-school –  I’m used to get work offered by my Alma Mater, and this time I took a challenge: To actually land a job outside the comfort zone. Tech is something I’m really passionate about, and YugaTech defined the second half of this year. Landed it as an OJT, and now am a contributor. Looking forward to my growth as a person and as a professional.

First prize – I recently won a Microsoft contest, and the top prize was a Lenovo Miix 2 10"|. Definitely useful for my work, because I’ve been contemplating to buy a laptop for myself.

First non-beer alcoholic drinks – Perks included in my new job is being able to attend tech events, and I was able to drink a variety of concoctions that I never imagined I would even dare drinking. We’ve got those Black Labels, those Mojitos, and those Rhums. Mojitos at that bar in the Globe BGC Building’s a fave drink.

The Toughests

Thesis Class – This last class that spanned two trimesters gave me a hell of an emotional rollercoaster ride. Let’s not get into details, but at least I managed to redeem myself at the final presentation and become the second best thesis for this year.

Heartbreaks and broken friendships – Won’t tell too much about these, and I’m starting to believe that we truly only meet temporary people before we go 22.

Which reminds me, I’m turning 22 in 2015. More adventures to come, I guess.

Bring it on.

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