Five types of people you see at a Christmas Party

It’s Holiday Season once again, and so are celebrations left and right in the form of Christmas Parties. I’m pretty sure that you’ve attended a lot of them already, and here are five types of people you may have already seen.

1. The VIPs

I’m pretty sure that we’ve had a lot of those who arrive an hour after the designated party start time. These are the ones who often arrive late on the party. They have a multitude of reasons, but the most used (at yung most gasgas btw) is, “It’s traffic so we came late” when in fact the party venue is just 500 meters away from home. Ganun ba talaga kahirap maglakad? Blame Filipino Time, I guess.

2. The Hopia and the Asado

Ah, the ever-hopeful for the Samsung smartphone as top prize, only to be going home with the staple Christmas ham as a consolation. Ate, hindi ka nga talaga nanalo. Wag ka na kasi umasa para di ka masaktan nang lubusan. #hugot101

3. The Dead Kids and the Killjoys

There will always be people who will attend parties for the sake of attending. While they hate interaction, they will scrutinize the event’s boring sounds and instead drown themselves with their own dose of music. Sige bahala kang magpakasenti basta wag mo sakin ipapasaksak yung phone mo para lang magpatugtug ng nakakasenting Ed Sheeran o Sam Smith sa Christmas Party hayop ka #theintensityisreal

4. The Thunders

Parties will not be awesome without our ever-loving Lolos and Lolas who always prefer ballroom dances instead of crazy EDM party holiday music. They will always love to bits when you throw a party with available Dancing Instructors and traditional Christmas delicacies. Sounds taxing, but we do great lengths to keep them alive and happy, don’t we?

5. The Food Abangers

Last but not the least, we have the party people who always love the time when parties actually end. As soon as the host say good night, they bring out their plastic bags and food containers and scoop out whatever is left over the entree for the night. Kulang nalang e yung buong bilao ng Pichi-Pichi e kunin mo na para mabusog ka pa hahaha ge kaya mo yan

And that ends this list of people you always see at Christmas parties. Meron pa bang iba? Let me know down in the comments section below. 🙂

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