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Guuzen To Iu Na No Hitsuzen. Heard this video first on DrumMania at the local arcade. Fell in love with the song. It’s the first time I’m actually listening to it in years.

This was sung by ROAD OF MAJOR, a Japanese rock band that was debuted in early 2000s. They had a taste of achievement during their establishment, such as a #2 single, and one of the first indie bands to achieve a #1 record album on Japanese charts.

A decline in popularity followed, and the band decided to part ways in 2007 after years of unsuccessful attempts to reestablish their place in the J-Rock scene. Nonetheless, some of their music can be found on all sorts of media, such as arcade games.

It’s fun to rekindle with songs that made up your teenage years. Oh, how I wish I can being those back.

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