I’m finally back!


I’ve neglected my personal website for a while, but I was reminded that it still existed when I had a renewal of my website hosting on my credit card bill. I’m very proud that I’m actually writing something right now because I’ve never been able to do this for a long time.

In recent months, some Chinese website exploited my hosting and redirected traffic to his site. I was able to pinpoint the problem, but I had to start all over again because my web hosting files were mainly affected. I didn’t mind, since I haven’t written anything much in the past year anyway. lol.

Moving forward, I’ll try to write again for my own website. You’re used to seeing me on YugaTech, but this time we’ll make it different here. I’d love to talk about food, supermarket discoveries, and behind the scenes and my personal thoughts on emerging technology.

And that, I think, will be beautiful. Join me, please?


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